Tuesday, 28 January 2014

December 5-6, 2013

I'm at my elementary school, Marlborough, because it's a high school field trip (I'm back in high school? Okay then). I'm walking down the back stairs of the school when my retainer breaks into a bunch of different pieces. I run to the bathroom with April, a girl I knew in elementary school: I wash my mouth out, taking the retainer pieces out of my mouth while she takes a shower...I freak out, because the pieces aren't leaving my mouth. At one point, I think they're all gone and I try to reshape the metal pieces and what plastic is left of the retainer back into a retainer and put it into my mouth. But it's not working: there are more metal pieces than there would be normally and the plastic is non-existent. Then, the retainer breaks all over again, so I gargle, spit, and repeat at least a hundred times. The plastic, however, is multiplying and also liquifying. It scares me, in the dream and in real life. At some point, the pieces leave my mouth, and I need to go to my orthodontist's, and his office is apparently in my grade 6 teacher's classroom, M. Dias'. My sister is with me when I sign in with the school, at the office, and we go to Dias' class together. When we reach the doors, we find the new teacher that took over his classroom, a few students, and M. Dias himself. I ask the new teacher, in French, if Dr. Lam is still there. She replies that he left a while ago and that I should check his schedule on the side of the door to familiarize myself with when I should come by next time. After I check, Faith and I go to the back to the office because the secretary had asked me to count the money in the cash box. I answered yes and she got really excited. So we took the boxes to the library, which turned into a really nice house. We started to sing like in a Disney movie, jumping on the furniture and swimming in the inside pond/stream/pool thing. Then, the Olsen twins or Selena Gomez and a friend/twin comes into the house when we're done singing.

Fun stuff.

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